Developers' documentation of the dynamic geometry branch of solBCN

This branch extends the architecture of solBCN to provide a dynamic geometry behavior selector that brings a user-defined behavior to common operations in dynamic geometry software such as dragging.

Download the source code

You need subversion intalled in your system to download the source code. In a debian-based system run the following command as root:

aptitude install subversion

Once you have subversion installed, run the following command as a normal user:

svn co dynGeoBCN


You need a Java sdk, for exemple openjdk, and some libraries: jdom and commons-cli. Run as root the following commands:

aptitude install openjdk-6-jdk libjdom1-java libcommons-cli-java

Set the working directory to dynGeoBCN and define two environment variables to point to libraries jdom and commons-cli:

cd dynGeoBCN
export JDOM_LIB=/usr/share/java/jdom1.jar
export CLI_LIB=/usr/share/java/commons-cli.jar

Compile running:

make jar sim parameter_domain

Running a simulation

Run the shell script sim, for example:

./sim -f testcases/piston/piston.ini -d testcases/piston/piston.dom -g testcases/piston/piston.dgp -t testcases/piston/piston.trn

Files *.trn define different behaviors for the same problem. Try the following:

./sim -f testcases/piston/piston.ini -d testcases/piston/piston.dom -g testcases/piston/piston.dgp -t testcases/piston/rocker.trn