Documentation on solBCN

Download and build

The latest version of the documentation can be downloaded from the project's subversion repository by executing the following command:

svn export

To build the documentation write the following commands:

cd doc
make all

After that you will get a set of postscript files describing the design of solBCN. Make, dia, LaTeX and transfig are required to build the documentation.


solBCN follows the abstract architecture is described in AbstractArquitecture?. The components of the architecture can be classified as data entities and functional units. The document describes data entities. The following documents describe functional units: and Data entities and functional units are assembled in a component.

A GUI is provided as a proof of concept. It is described in

The components are tested as described in Specifically, the tree decomposition algorithm in the analyzer functional unit has been tested for several classes of geometric constraint graphs, see


  • Currently the documentation is written in catalan.