Fixed Elements Tool

We can follow the explanation of this tool in the next section: How To Create A New Tool, which explains how to implements a tool in the code source, using the FixedElementsTool as example. Then we explain how function this tool to user-level and the resolution of some problems we had.

Automatic Fixation Elements

The new User Editor has one algorithm to initialize the elements fixed, that will always be the first two elements that the user insert, except for inserting a segment that would set the two points.

Change the Fixations Elements

We may change the fixed elements if we activate the FixedElementsTool. Will allow us to eliminate by clicking the right mouse button over the fixed element and to fix a element by clicking the left button. Always will have two elements fixed, if we left the tool and we have less than two fixed elements, the publisher will revert to previous settings.

  • Two Points Fixed:
  • Two Lines Fixed:
  • One Point and one Line Fixed: