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1Documentar ús del subversionnewalexenhancementmajorcomponent1
3Circles don't worknewdefectmajorsolver
8Constraint of angle zeronewdefectmajorsolver
10Documentar tota la nova funcionalitat del nou Solverassignedalextaskmajorsolver
2Avoid the library JSAPassignedtonidefectminorsolver
4The access icon of solBCN in the Debian menu graphicnewÀlexdefectminorsolver
5Document - Modifications of the Makefileassignedalexdefectminorsolver
6Document - Development of New User ViewnewÀlexdefectminoruser interface
9New Problem Toolnewalexdefectminoruser interface
7Meeting - July 2009newdefecttrivialdocumentation
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